Children Sponsorship in the Dump

UNESCO’s  statistics:

** Today, nearly 17% of the world’s adult population is still not literate; two-thirds of them women, making gender equality even harder to achieve.

** The 67.4 million children who are out of school are likely to encounter great difficulties in the future, as deficient or non-existent basic education is the root cause of illiteracy.


The Student Sponsorship Project has 354 students right now in the Philippines.  This church project started in 2009 with only 5 children in Manila garbage dump and this year we have 19 sponsored children.  The figure may just be like a drop in the bucket but we know that for one single soul we can reach out for Him., there will be joy in heaven. ( Lk 15:10)

If you find in your heart to sponsor a child, here’s how you can help:

Elementary – $100 for one child

High School – $140 for one child

College – $600 for one child


You can send your support here >>>click this!