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We meet at 10:30 am -12:00 noon for an exciting time of praise and worship.  Messages you hear will be contemporary , relevant and uplifting the spirit.  Its not meant to be informational but transformational.    Fellowship, food and connecting with a variety of people follows.

Small Groups

A small community, a family committed to  love and care for one another is integral to the church.  Small groups meet weekly or monthly to encourage, build up your faith walk and living God’s purpose  daily.   Not necessarily a perfect group of people, but they are open, honest, caring and transparent in their relationships with God and with one another.


We see “missions” as  reaching out to our family, loved ones, neighbors, community, nations and the world around us.   A creative means of expressing the love of Jesus in our lives in both practical and spiritual ways!!!. Let’s do the plunge, plug in, connect, interact, relate and  find out how God can use you in expressing your talents creatively for the seven spheres of influence in the society –family, faith, education, government, media, celebration(arts, entertainment, sports) economics(business, science, tech)


What our users say

I definitely feel I do have God in my corner.

Chuck Norris Martial Artist

I want to let people know that there is God who can raise someone from nothing into something.  And that’s me.  I came from nothing into something and I owe everything to God.  He gave me this blessing.  It’s all credit to the Lord.

Manny Pacquiao Boxer, governor

If I were to look back at my career, I think my greatest achievement is very simple. I’ve been able to make choices where I could glorify God.

Roma Downey Actress, Producer